Handcrafted MacBook and iPad Sleeves

Glance at the deep blue color with the elegant silver Firecult logo etched in its midst

The color takes you to the edge of the endless ocean, to the beach and to the smell of the water as the waves crash lightly against the shore. Inspired by the endless water, our Ocean Collection fits in perfectly with those who desire to take a slice of relaxation with them. Entirely handcrafted, with a beautiful thick waxed thread running on the side, the Ocean Collection adds a touch of zen, a touch of deep blue that evokes the most calm of sensations.

Uniquely handcrafted from one piece of leather

The material ages elegantly, keeping the distinctive shape and color for a very long period. Our Firecult leather sleeves are not just elegant objects of design. We believe that their purpose is to protect, your vital laptop or tablet that you work on every day. The build of the Firecult sleeve ensures top notch protection whenever your device needs it. Knocked the MacBook off your desk? Not to worry. Pick it up, open it and use it. Firecult sleeves are made to resist - they're almost indestructible.

And whenever you need to head out for an important business meeting, take the Firecult sleeve with you

Thick and supple, they fit like a glove whenever you need to travel. Right beside you in the car or on the plane, or perhaps with you as you ride the subway, the deep blue leather sleeve will both complement your business looks and keep your trusted MacBook or iPad protected and safe. Best of all, you can charge your notebook or tablet with the sleeve on.

Always protected. Always calm.