The Story of FireCult

We know you love your Apple products. And it doesn't matter if it's an iPhone, MacBook or iPad.


We love ours too.


 Owning an Apple product at one point became a challenge for us. Between our work and the constant running around that it required, our MacBooks and iPads needed considerable protection to shield them from the usual spilled water and coffee. Soon enough, the spilled liquids were added to a growing list of tough moments for our Apple products that needed to be guarded from those times when we dropped them by accident on the floor. The MacBooks and iPads had to be protected from our clumsy or unforeseen moments that might have affected them on a visual or technical level. We needed to make sure that our Apple products were shielded.


The problem is, we never found protective covers to our liking.


We didn't ask for much, to be fair. We searched for covers that were made out of good materials, offered plenty of protection but were also elegant and stylish. The usual covers and leather sleeves did not particularly appeal to us due to their simplistic appearance. We trawled the internet but... we found nothing. Nothing that would tick all of the boxes above. Materials, protection and style. There was nothing that would meet our expecttations when it came to protecting our Apple products. Faced with no options, we decided to do something else.


We decided to do it ourselves.


Yes, we thought it would be much better for us, and for anyone else who searched for quality leather sleeves for their Apple products, if we could do it ourselves and tick all of the required boxes. FireCult is a brand that aims to provide you, the Apple lover, just as it does for us, an exquisite protective sleeve made out of the finest leather, thick enough to shield your beloved product from spills, falls or any other unforeseen problems, whilst looking sharp enough to pair perfectly with that leather jacket you're wearing every day. Elegant, minimalist and beautiful.


And to make sure what we offer is better, everything is handmade with love and with the greatest attention to detail to make sure that it ticks all of the boxes we were looking for when we searched for protective sleeves for our Apple products.


We wanted to have something better, so we decided to do it ourselves.