Dark Brown Collection, MacBook and iPad Leather Sleeves

Dark Brown Collection, MacBook and iPad Leather Sleeves

Subtle, smooth and quite discreet,

A dark, powerful brown color inspires our Dark Brown Collection, focused on providing a supple feel with a sophisticated design. Pair it with elegant coats, leather gloves, dress shoes, whatever you fancy with a darker color, the Dark Brown Collection helps you mix and match to perfection. Whenever you need a sobre look, take the Dark Brown Collection sleeve and pair it up.

More than just sophisticated objects of design

We believe that their purpose is to protect your vital laptop or tablet that you work on every day. Constructed out of one piece of quality dark brown leather, the build of the Firecult sleeve ensures top notch protection whenever you need it. Even if you knock it off a desk or another piece of furniture, as long as the sleeve covers the MacBook or iPad, rest assured. Just pick it up, take it out and use it.

Take the Firecult sleeve with you

Thick and supple, you will barely notice it in your hands when you go out for a coffee or an important meeting. Right beside you in the car or on the plane, or perhaps with you as you ride the subway, this gorgeous dark brown colored leather sleeve will both complement your business looks and keep your trusted MacBook or iPad protected and safe.

Supple and sobre, Dark Brown Collection.