Burgundy Collection, MacBook and iPad Leather Sleeves

Burgundy Collection, MacBook and iPad Leather Sleeves

Aging like a fine Burgundy wine

Looking like a sharp gentleman who drank from the fountain of youth. Our Burgundy Collection is a timeless classic, elegant and discreet at the same time, offering a touch of low-key sophistication to distinguished gentlemen and ladies. Brush your fingertips on the supple leather, glancing at the elegant burgundy finish. Add a touch of class to your elegant attire with a sleek protective sleeve for your MacBook, designed to cover. And to make you look even sharper. Because Burgundy wines are always in demand.

More than just elegant objects of design

We believe that their purpose is to protect your laptop or tablet and most importantly your work. Constructed out of one piece of quality burgundy-colored leather, the build of the Firecult sleeve ensures top notch protection whenever you need it. Knocked it off the desk? Not a problem. Pick it up, open it and use it. The sleeve protects at all times. Almost indestructible.

And whenever you need to head out for an important meeting, take the Firecult sleeve with you.Supple and thick, it fits like a glove. Right beside you in the car or on the plane, or perhaps with you as you ride the subway, the burgundy leather sleeve will both complement your sharp looks and keep your trusted MacBook or iPad protected and safe.

Burgundy collection - know what you love.