Shield your Apple product!

by Sebastian Petrescu

Shield your Apple product!

 Protecting your Apple product should be of high importance, especially for those who use it every day or every hour. Using a protective leather sleeve should be the first step taken whenever you consider shielding your MacBook or iPad, but taking good care of your Apple product must include a combination of a protective sleeve and protective action to prevent any external issues.



  1. Use a protective cover/sleeve


The most efficient way to protect your Apple product is by using a sleeve. Made out of leather or other materials, protective sleeves ensure that your MacBook or iPad is shielded from any scratches or other damages done to the chassis. A protective sleeve, made out of leather or other materials, adds style to the Apple product and also provides the necessary protection from other damages that might happen to the MacBook or iPad.


Protect your Apple product with a leather sleeve like the one below.


Black Leather Sleeve for 12 inch MacBook 

  1. Protect it from liquids


Water, coffee, soda, other liquids... all of these can be accidentally spilled over the keyboard of your MacBook or over the screen of the iPad. When you use your Apple product, make sure you keep the liquids at a distance to avoid accidentally spilling them over.



  1. Extra care for your Apple gadget


A little extra care and attention can help prolong the life of your Apple product, ensuring that you are enjoying it for a longer period of time. Don't place your MacBook or iPad on the corners of table so it would not fall; don't leave it on the side of the sofa; keep it away from any places where it can easily fall from; make sure to carry your Apple product in a protective bag or holdall; carry it with care; insure your Apple product with the AppleCare package.



Don't forget to shield your Apple product!

Sebastian Petrescu
Sebastian Petrescu


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