Style it up with your cover!

by Sebastian Petrescu

Style it up with your cover!

   We live in an interconnected world, a world where Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is simply a click away, installed on our smartphones and tablets that we carry with us every moment of the day. And in our interconnected world, where news reach instantly millions of people and the selfies of a global superstar pop up on our social media feeds. With photographs posted, liked and shared, personal style is now at the forefront


   You'd be surprised but... your cover can add that little detail to your outfit of the day. 

MacBook Leather Sleeve, Burgundy Collection


   Our black leather sleeve for the MacBook works perfect with a dark gray suit, or perhaps that black suit with the slim tie you've been thinking of wearing for the office today. Out on the street, pair the light brown iPad Mini cover with a camel coloured coat, matching your outfit for the day with the sole item you're holding in your hand. You're not actually holding a cover in your hand, since it protects and insulates the Apple product carefully "hidden" behind the beautiful and elegant material matching your style. You're holding your iPad or MacBook, but in a way that it matches your style and complements your overall look.

 MacBook Leather Sleeve, Joshua Slocum Collection

   And those are only a couple of suggestions.


   Light brown, dark brown, black, you have three distinct colours which you can choose to pair up with your outfit. In our world, personal style has become more important than ever, so choose your outfit and match it up with a protective leather cover for the Apple product you carry with you at all times of the day. Given that the three colours on offer are easy to pair up with, it's entirely up to the wearer to find the best way to integrate all of his accessories into one perfect outfit. Pick and choose, match the accessories, wear and enjoy.

MacBook Leather Sleeve, Timeless Collection 

   Protect your Apple product in a stylish way.


MacBook Leather Sleeve, Entrepreneur Collection

   ... by adding to your own personal style.

Sebastian Petrescu
Sebastian Petrescu


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