Smooth, Soft and Exquisite Materials to protect your MacBook and iPad

by Sebastian Petrescu

    Smooth to touch, elegant and exquisite to show for it.


    As a brand of premium products, we strive to make our products with the best materials that we can use for our intended final product. For our leather sleeves we chose premium materials to highlight our desire to offer the customer a protective cover that not only protects the Apple product, be it a MacBook, iPad or iPhone, but also to ensure that it looks good and it can be easily paired with any kind of style should it also become an accessory to the customer.


    At a first glance, the natural leather provides a stylish alternative to synthetic material protectic voers. But the beauty of our sleeves is not just skin deep. They protect and shield your Apple product, insulate from extreme heat or cold damage and ensures a proper fit to keep the gadget inside the sleeve and prevent it from slipping outside. Our sleeves are made from one piece of leather, stitched on the side, offering a minimalist but elegant design that combines both protection and style into one sleek package.


    And even better, your Apple product, no matter what product it is, can be charged while in the sleeve.


    Vintage leather is not just a fine material but also a stylish piece that protects at the same time. Work or pleasure, the thick leather with our distinct FireCult logo complements that leather bag you're wearing, or the warm trench coat you've been thinking of sporting this winter. Pack your iPad inside a protective sleeve, grab your trench coat and head out to the office for a work day. Or pack your MacBook inside a leather sleeve, grab your leather bag and head out for a weekend city break.


    Protect your Apple product with a FireCult sleeve and use it to complement your style. 


    An exquisite leather sleeve made out of fine materials resists over time, due to the quality of the material and the thickness, ensuring both an even more vintage look (definitely appealing to many vintage clothing fans!) and a particular timeless appeal to the minimalist but elegant design of the sleeve. Our protective sleeves are made to shield and to resist. 


    Pick out a preferred colour – and protect your Apple product with style!



Sebastian Petrescu
Sebastian Petrescu


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