Protecting your MacBook and your iPad

by Sebastian Petrescu

    Protecting your Apple product should be of paramount importance, if it is not already.


    For most users, the Apple product of choice, be it the iPad, the MacBook or the iPhone, maybe a combination of those three or perhaps all three of them, provides both the work platform and the leisure platform in one package, not to mention the telephone part in the case of the iPhone. But despite the fact that these devices are important in day to day life, not many people elect to protect them whenever they are carried around or even used in daily activities. iPads are regularly carried in a bag, the MacBook in the hand and the iPhone in the pocket.


    But even in these relatively safe environments, they are susceptible to damage.


    Drop your bag accidentally and your iPad hits the ground. Trip up slightly and the MacBook chassis hits the corner of your office desk. Fumble around with your iPhone and it lands on the floor, cracking the delicate glass screen.


    These small accidents can happen, and sometimes they can happen often.


    Most people are aware of the risks, especially in today's world where laptops, tablets and phones are complex electronic systems and need to be taken care of with more attention. Despite being aware of the risks, a considerable number of Apple users do not fully protect their beloved products.


    ...but why not?


    All it takes is a simple cover or sleeve to shield your Apple. A leather sleeve, for example, not only saves you potential headaches but it also looks good and complements your overall style. Instead of cracking the screen or perhaps damaging some internal component of your important MacBook, a protective leather sleeve can save you headaches, a trip to the service and a hefty repair bill if the laptop is outside of the warranty period. Not only that, but it also extends the life of your Apple product, allowing you to enjoy it for a longer period of time if it is properly protected and taken care of.



Sebastian Petrescu
Sebastian Petrescu


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May 03, 2016

What type of leather is it? There is no mention of the type of leather used. Cheers!

Renee Barrett
Renee Barrett

March 05, 2016

I agree.

Lelia o sullivan
Lelia o sullivan

February 05, 2016

Good advice

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